Spiritueuses, the first collection of our e-shop Voilà Coco.

Creative Direction
Graphic Design


Collaborators: Sarah Perez, Maëlle Tarnaud, Victoria Genty, Atelier Stangtreize, Boaz, Tom Cavdar

Spiritueuses is the first collection of our e-shop Voilà Coco. Composed by illustrations and photographies, the collection is inspired by the fashion sphere.

Each one of the illustration is inspired by a fashion editorial photoshoot and represent a mood: L'Ennui (Bored), Le Trouble (Blurriness), La Nostalgie (Nostalgia), La Détermination (Determination)...

In collaboration with our dearest collaborators, 7 Set Design, a series of photographies and a music video have been created to present the collection.

Here is a sneak peek of the artworks, the packaging design and the campaign.